Goa is more than swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters, its a state of mind.

Evening Standard

“The Tarka Dal and the breads we tried were carefully prepared. Service led by Mr.Dias is courteous and responsive to an interest in the food.”

Time Out

"Be prepared for the appeal of Lamb Xacutti, a very famous Goan dish prepared with coconuts, vinegar and hot spices that’s all the more welcome because it’s not actually famous enough to have found its way onto the menu of curry houses.”

Goan Specialities | Susaigad

£ 9.95 VINDALOO (gf) (🌶🌶🌶🌶) Traditional, authentic Goan vindaloo made with special Goan spices and palms vinegar, can be made with chicken, lamb or pork. £ 6.95 PUMPKIN CURRY(v) (vg) (gf) (🌶) Pumpkin cooked in medium hot coconut based manglorian style £ 7.45 KARAHI CHILLY METHI PANEER (v) (gf) (🌶🌶) Homemade cottage cheese tossed with methi, green pepper, chilly and karahi masala £ 6.95 BAINGAN MASALA (v) (vg) (gf) Aubergines cooked with mild spices £ 10.25 SAAG CRAB (gf) Crab cooked with cashew nuts, raisins, coconut, mild spices and spinach £ 10.25 PALMS CURRY (gf) (🌶🌶) Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in medium-hot coconut sauce £ 11.45 GOAN HARA FISH CURRY (gf) (🌶) Codfish cooked in a medium hot spicy sauce with fresh coriander and chillies £ 10.25 GREEN CHICKEN MASALA (gf) Tender chicken pieces steamed in a green sauce made with green coriander and chillies £ 10.45 LAMB XACUTI (gf) (🌶🌶) A very famous goan dish, prepared with coconut, vinegar, garam masala and spices, medium hot £ 11.45 GOAN MASHLI GHASHI (gf) (🌶🌶🌶) A medium spicy fish curry with kokum, southern spices and coconut £ 12.95 KING PRAWN AMBOT TIK (gf) (🌶🌶🌶) King prawns cooked with a special goan spicy and sour sauce with kokum and tamarind £ 10.25 CHICKEN CAFREAL (gf) Sizzling tender juicy chicken marinated with green herbs and ground spices and grilled over charcoal £ 10.25 MANGO CHICKEN (gf) Chicken pieces cooked with mango, cream and nuts. £ 9.65 PORK MAS (gf) (🌶🌶) Diced pork cooked with vinegar, ginger, garlic and medium hot spices.

v – Vegetarian
ve – Vegetarian but contains eggs
vg – Vegan
Spice Level: 🌶 – Mild-to-medium, 🌶🌶 – Medium-to-hot, 🌶🌶🌶 – Hot,🌶🌶🌶🌶 – Very Hot!
Please notify staff of any dietary/allergy requirements.


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