Palms of Goa, Charlotte Street the first Goa restaurant in WestEnd opened by Mr Eugene Dias and Shabhidin Gharuk in 1994 to provide a South Indian Cuisine that gave the WestEnders a new experience from the usual Indian curry houses. The success of Palms of Goa, Charlotte Street has allowed us to confidently expand the establishment in Soho (Meard Street) and Fitzrovia (New Cavendish Street).

Palms of Goa, Soho branch, situated in a cosy side street that attracts the busy local business clientele as well as celebrities such as Jude Law; Sienna Miller; the Football Association; Priya Kalidas from Bombay Dreams.

Palms of Goa, New Cavendish Street is ideal for big parties as well as relaxed diners favoured by the local BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, BT, UCLH, Harley Street Medical practitioners.

Palms of Goa restaurants aim to provide you with a true taste of Goa with its Goanese specialities, which makes use of the freshest ingredients and finest spice combinations to produce these delicious, heart-warming, healthy food with courteous and friendly hospitality of Palms of Goa staff in a vibrant red decor. As Palms of Goa is health conscious and realise that taste should go hand in hand with healthy eating and reduced fat dishes, we therefore avoid using artificial colourings or additives and instead rely on our own carefully prepared home-made sauces using various spices and herbs.

Palms of Goa does not charge Service Charge to Customers. Eugene Dias, having over 30 years experience in restaurant industry and running the Palms of Goa Group for last 16 years has installed a employee friendly management, which has their own tronco-system where the tips either cards or cash are directly dealt by the tronco-master (an employee) and are divided among all the staff. A new initiative by Eugene that is hardly seen in other restaurant, let alone Indian Restaurant.

Along with this, Palms of Goa has its own charity called “I Can See Through Palms” set up four years ago that is largely managed by the staff. We hope you join us to experience a true taste of Goan Cuisine at Palms of Goa.