Read what the food critics have to say about Palms of Goa.The following are excerpts of praise and comments that we have received about our establishment.


“In among the Masalas and the Madras – there are four or five superbly juicy Goan dishes that are really worth a try. I’d have no hesitation in going back.”
– West End Extra


“(Apart from Palms of Goa) most Indian restaurants have failed to realise that taste should go hand in hand with more healthy and reduced-fat dishes.”
– Tandoori Magazines


“The Tarka Dal and the breads we tried were carefully prepared. Service led by Mr.Dias is courteous and responsive to an interest in the food.”
– Evening Standard


“Palms of Goa, the lovely Meard Street branch in Soho runs between Dean Street and Wardour Street has been ‘The England Football Associations’ favourite Soho resturant.” 06/10/05
–  Oliver Holt – Daily Mirror


“Be prepared for the appeal of Lamb Xacutti, a very famous Goan dish prepared with coconuts, vinegar and hot spices that’s all the more welcome because it’s not actually famous enough to have found its way onto the menu of curry houses.”
-Time Out